Tuesday, October 27, 2009

James Marsters and Anthony Stewart Head: Oh My Lord...

As I promised in my last post (and sorry it's been a little bit... I had a presentation yesterday that took some significant getting ready for, and some significant letting-down-of-hair after - figuratively, not literally, since I've got a buzz cut), I've got music today from a couple of gentlemen who any little former nerdlets out there (and I use that term not as a pejorative, since I, despite my current assimilibility, used to be one) undoubtedly had crushes on at some point... James Marsters and Anthony Stewart Head.

Marsters has actually put out several albums, both as soloist and as lead singer; the song I've uploaded is the title track from his newest, titled "Like a Waterfall." Marsters' work, from what I've heard, tends to skew towards the country/blues side of the musical spectrum, which isn't necesarily my usual taste, but it's nice every once in a while - and, after all, it's always nice to hear a little banjo.

The only album of Mr. Head's that I've been able to find is the unpromisingly titled "Music for Elevators", a collaborative effort with George Sarah. I've uploaded the song "This Town in the Rain", the eighth track off of that album, but I don't know that it's necessarily a representative tune, if only because the album itself is so dang eclectic, it's hard to get a firm grasp on the tenor of it (no pun intended).

Are either of these songs, or either of these albums, going to change the world or the face of the musical landscape? Don't kill me, all you little fangirl (or fanboy, I'm not prejudiced) tweens out there, but no - they're pleasant enough, but they're nothing special. But they are pleasant, and they might provide a passing thrill to those of you who, like me, still have fond memories of things like "Once More With Feeling", or of any of the work of these two actors. And there's a place for that, I think. Anyways - hope y'all enjoy, hope you have a great day!

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