Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Octopus Project

   I think Octopuses (Octopi? Octopodes?) are awesome. I mean, they can squeeze through tiny holes, predict World Cup victories, and are brilliant. So when I saw a band named The Octopus Project I had to pay attention. The band is from Austin, Texas and has been creating neat instrumental compositions since 1999. The first song I heard from the band was called Fuguefat and I'll share that one with you because, it's pretty great.
  The Octopus Project - Fuguefat by IndieRockReviews

Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Falon

   I tried to post this last night before it aired, but the links were all screwed up from NBC for some reason but Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Falon did the history of hip-hop in three minutes last night and it is badass.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Land of Talk and Golden Pandas

   When I was pretty young I thought I loved grunge music. Not the "Nirvana" sound, but more The Exies and they're accompanying bands. I thought I was really cool for wearing plaid and thinking I had teen angst. Well, we've grown up since then, and coming across a grungy band is not even easy nowadays, but this band I'm about to talk about gives me that old grungy feeling without all the shame of liking grunge.  
    Land of Talk is a three piece self described indie rock band from Montreal. Damn Canadians and their musical talent. One thing I really like about this band is that you could say "indie rock" and actually mean it for once. There's not synth stuck in every open part of the songs, no autotune, or any "indie" benchmarks in these songs - it's pure instrument music and I love it. Here's their song Swift Coin of the album Cloak and Cipher   Land Of Talk - 'Swift Coin' by nmemagazine

   With the ever emerging and changing sound of 'dubstep', a lot of new music is coming to our ears that people may have marked as "weird" even last year. With that said, it's not often you hear a song with two (2) lyrics and think "man, I could listen to that again"...but that's what I said when I first heard Gold Panda's song You of of the debut LP Lucky Shiner. Check out You below, and from Gold Panda's MySpace There's an entire album stream, which I'll post below
  Gold Panda - You by subraw

Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Fun Tracks

   Alright, it's finally Friday! To celebrate, I've got three badass remixes that you can begin your inevitable night of partying to. Check these out!
   I can't get enough of this song, and this remix is making the addiction far worse
  Please Dont Go (8barZ Remix)FINAL by 8Barz
   This is a pretty great Sam Adams remix of Deadmau5's Some Chords. Love Sammy Adams (VIA)
Some Chords by _thedopestop.com_
   Finally, an aweeesoomme remix of Fire in Your New Shoes that I came across last night. Listen and love!
  Kaskade feat. Martina Of Dragonette - Fire In Your New Shoes Electric Daisy Remix by Jpkelly

Thursday, September 23, 2010

El Guincho

   I don't know anything about this band yet, or this song, or even their album. Sure, I could do some research but this is my Friday and this week definitely needs to be over. I don't ever post NSFW stuff here, but this video is NSFW. It's pretty artsy, and it's interesting to say the least, the song isn't too bad either - check it out: El Guincho - Bombay

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Albums I Meant to Cover

Here are three albums that I suggest you look into that I meant to post about on this site and completely forgot to. Two of them dropped within the last two weeks, one is a bit older.

Firstly is Maroon 5's new album, Hands All Over. I've given the record a few listen throughs and it's pretty good sans a few attempts at sounding very 80s in a couple spots. I'd suggest it.
  Maroon 5 - Give a Little More by DJGreenleaf

Next would be Brandon Flowers' debut solo record named Flamingo. I'm having a bit of a hard time getting into the groove of this one, but one sort of has to expect that to be the case with a guy like Flowers' music.
  Only The Young - Brandon Flowers by djmajr4

The final album would be Jimmy Eat World's new record entitled Invented. I love these guys and randomly had a few songs stuck in my head today which reminded me of this album. Check it out:
  My Best Theory (90) by Interscope Records

Bonus! One of my favorite Jimmy Eat World songs: Here it Goes

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Been A While

Who would have thought that school would actually take up my free time? Blasphemous, I tell you. Anyways, there have been a lot of new songs that I've been wanting to throw up here. The first one is a little baffling...know that guy with the crazy dreads, the ballin-ass grill, and the fashionable orange jumpsuit? Ya know? Lil' Wayne? Yeah, the one who's been in jail since March? HE STILL HAS AN ALBUM COMING OUT! The man has been in prison for over 6 months, and he is releasing a new album next week. That's dedication. Actually, it was originally an EP that he decided to just release as an album. It's called I Am Not A Human Being and it's being released on the 27th. Here's one of the songs that have been floating around on the radio lately.
Right Above It

Remember when you were stompin around in your Air Force One's? Me neither. But Nelly does. And he's back. My guess is that he spent all his money from his original success a few years ago and realized that he still had a lot of talent. I really like this song...the intro reminds me of the song he did with Tim McGraw a few years ago, that surprisingly worked out really well. This is Just A Dream. I hope he's got some more goodness like this coming.
Nelly - Just a Dream

I have NOOOO clue what a "dutty" is, or what "dutty love" means. But Sean Kingston always has songs that make you want to dance a little bit in public places. This is called Letting Go (Dutty Love) with Nikki Minaj (she's featured on another rapper's song? Shocking).
Letting Go (Dutty Love) by Sean Kingston ft. Nicki Minaj

I kinda hate myself for this one. I guess some Jesse McCartney songs are a little bit of a guilty pleasure. I don't know or care what album this is from, but it's a pretty catchy song.
Jesse McCartney - Shake

That's all for now. Keep checking us out for some info on the new Maroon 5 album that just dropped today.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My Songs of the Day

   Busy day today, but I figured I'd post up three songs from three albums that are getting me by today. I'm in an American music mood:
  06 High Pressure Low by user5358639
  AM Taxi- Fed Up [] by itsthedream7
  The Gaslight Anthem - Boxer by user806065

Monday, September 13, 2010

Maps & Atlases

   Probably should have included this in the last post, but check out Maps & Atlases' new video for Solid Ground right below. Click through the video to vimeo and read the director's description of the video - pretty badass.

Maps & Atlases - Solid Ground from FatCat Records on Vimeo.


   Go to hear You, Me, And Everyone We Know's new song A Bigger Point of Pride from their upcoming album “Some Things Don’t Wash Out” dropping October 12th. Love this band. So down with the new stuff.

My Jam Right Now

   If you visit The Radio Dept.'s MySpace, you'll find some interesting music. Sadly, you won't find what I think is their best song that's floating around the intertubes. This song has been out for a while, and I've been meaning to blog about it for a few months, but I finally heard it again and remembered, so here you go: The Radio Dept with Heaven's On Fire
The Radio Dept - Heaven's On Fire by ganaz

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I Think I Like This

   I was skeptical upon first listen, but I think I really like this song. Check it out: Kaskade ft. Martina of Dragonette - Fire in Your New Shoes

Friday, September 10, 2010

Apparently Definitive

   Gawker has just released this list of what to listen to this fall and, well, if you were interested in listening to the albums of every single song that's on the radio then the list is useful. Now admittedly, I haven't listened to all of these, but I wouldn't clog my hard drive with a lot of the people on the list. We've written about some of them here but, hey, check out the list for yourself and see what you like - luckily they embedded tracks from everyone. The stand out for me? The new Maroon 5 track, which I'll post below
Maroon 5 - Give a Little More by DJGreenleaf

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Kings of Leon! (And it's good)

   Yup, you read that right! There is officially new Kings of Leon off of their upcoming album Come Around Sun. And I like it. Not like I'm the definitive guide to what is good and what isn't, but this song is pretty nice. I used to be a pretty big naysayer about KOL but they're a great band no two ways about it. Kings of Leon are skilled in making entertaining slow ballads as well as upbeat radio tunes - and this new one is the latter - but that's not bad. The song has an almost choral, church hymnish sound at points and strike a great tone. I heard someone today say that this song isn't just an attempt to cash in on the band's popularity while they have it - that the whole album is not that, and I believe it.
   This sounds like an honest progression of this band's unique sound and that's great to see. Like most bands that kind of carve their own niche into our music culture, King of Leon stay strong for this new album Come Around Sun. Here's the single AND I ran into a video for it below:
  Kings Of Leon - Radioactive by samhdot

(Video taken

Oh also, apparently Interpol has a new record. Meh. Google it if you want. 

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Danceable Music

  Remember when this blog used to post dance music every Thursday night? If you do, pat yourself on the back, you're a long time follower. Anyway, I've been surfing some remixes today and, though it's Tuesday, let's get our dance on, shall we?
  Hands (Low Sunday Indie Fix) - The Tings Tings by diegoquintao
  Ra Ra Riot - Boy (RAC Mix) by Remix Artist Collective 
My Jersey friends tell me this is the new fist pump song - get to it!
  Flo-Rida-The-Club-Cant-Handle-me-Electrolightz-Remix-NB-verse by Jpkelly

Hard Review

   AbsolutePunk's Chris Fallon has posted the best review I've read in a while. It's about Runner Runner's new self titled album. I had high hopes for this band, hearing the song a while before it came out it sounded like pop-punk had a new branch to work with - but I've tried to listen to this album a few times, and no, there's no new branch. Check out this review for a hilarious dashing of the album

Stroll Your Own Memory Lane

   This is insanity. The Arcade Fire have really been on their grind since releasing this new album, and their latest music video venture blows my mind, as well as a ton of other people. I've read some say this will be the "future" of music videos - possibly - but I saw it's a super interesting adventure with this new HTML5 which I don't understand yet. If you know what HTML is, it's the underpinnings of websites. Well, I think HMTL5 allows for interactive, or like slideshow-ish websites. I dunno, I'll investigate. Ask me if you're interested. 
   Anyway, The Arcade Fire's new video/website mashes up your childhood home and their song We Used to Wait. It's pretty incredible - go here: and enter your address (I entered my University). They recommend you use Google Chrome and so do I. I tried it on Firefox and it got pretty heavy, worked great of GC. Check this out - and let me know you're opinion in the comments!!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Canadian Music

  Canadians are interesting. I imagine they kind of sit above the United States riding their horses drinking maple syrup and looking down upon us while they make awesome music. That may not be true, but the fact that Canadians consistently churn out music that makes me jealous is. Maybe it's the water, or the climate, or the lack thereof for both thing (which is probably true), but today while driving around I checked a couple Canadian radio stations, which generally never update their music, don't display titles, and sometimes just play what is supposed to sound like dance music, but I came upon a band named Boxer the Horse and decided to give their song - Mary Meets the Pilot - a try. I really liked it. The band sounds like they have a sound that they're still growing into, but its a good sound. It's one of those noises that if asked what it sounded like you'd say "well, I think it's indie-ish? it's like, music, ya know?".
   Anyway, I'm down with it, and I've been listening to their MySpace for a little bit now so it's a pretty good listen. The MySpace has around 80k visits - so I don't expect you to know these guys yet - (I mean, I almost have that much! Give them some page views ladies and gents!) but I'd expect that given a little more time to refine this sound we'll definitely be hearing about these guys soon.

Boxer the Horse - Mary Meets the Pilot (via HeroHill)

Saturday, September 4, 2010

New Matt and Kim

   Big news today everyone! I'm not 100% when this dropped but I caught a listen of the new Matt and Kim yesterday and I'm totally sure I looked like a nutcase with this blaring in my car just sitting in a parking lot. The new song is called Cameras and it's complicated, loud, bassy, and sounds like an awesome growing up of this great band. Check this out - and be prepared to have it stuck in your head.
  Matt and Kim - Cameras by TSB

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rick Astley, Anybody?

   Does anyone remember Rick Astley? Maybe, but probably not. The guy hasn't had a single for 17 years, and his main fame as of recent memory comes from the infamous "rick rolling" on the internet with his famous Never Gonna Give You Up. Well now, he's back. And why am I posting about this, you ask? Well, Operation Lights Out is the new movement to get him to #1 on the charts for all he's given us on the internet. I figured why not participate - I've been rick rolled a few times, and hey the song isn't too bad. VERY excited for some dancy remixes of this song - just wait.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

We Tried to Fight

We all tried to fight it, but it was bound to happen. Whether you like it or not, Cee Lo's F**K You has gone viral, and SiriusXMU has picked it up, which means soon enough it'll be on the pop charts. Gawker wrote a pretty funny article about it, and today the official music video broke loose to the interwebs. So, as your intrepid music finder; here ya go:

Quick Video Update

   First the real news: Friendly Fires released a cover of Holy Ghost's Hold On as well as a mixtape called Bugged Out. I love this band - everything they make is golden. Here's the new cover:

   So if you're on Twitter (If so follow me @JackKellyIsHip and become cooler) You'll know that Kanye West and Justin Beiber began having some kind of romantic relationship the other day and, well, now they have a baby. Beibye teamed up with good ol' RZA and created this beast below. I don't think I like it, but you might.

   Now, unless you live under and internet rock you've heard about Antoine Dodson's sister and her almost raping (which is horrible, and kind of horrible this viral video has eclipsed it, anyway), if you've followed it at all you'll know the charismatic Antoine's interview was remixed by The Gregory Brothers and actually got on Billboard's Hot 100. Well, now Hayley Williams of Paramore Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory Ethan Luck of Relient K have remixed it. Just check it out:

   Do you remember Ida Maria? They had a pretty popular song about enjoying people's presence while naked, and now they have a new video for their song Oh My God. A Canadian friend actually sent this to me, I believe I overlooked it's release, Thanks Alex! Check it: