Saturday, February 26, 2011

K Flay

   Ever heard of K.Flay? Well then check this out. Actually, I'm just going to let her bio speak for her for a second:
 You may not expect one of the most compelling new voices in hip hop to wield dual psychology and sociology degrees from Stanford University or find inspiration in the buttoned-up world of indie rock, but for K.Flay, defying expectations is simply part of the game.
   So K.Flay had been making some great hip hop and yesterday I ran across her song So Fast, So Maybe and it's just packed with smart lyrics and a great sound. Check it out:

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ellie's Rick Ross Jukebox Hump Day Video Post

   Hey everyone! So I've had a few videos up on my dashboard here for the past few days but haven't had the time to throw them up yet so here we go. I've got an awesome band I've been working on writing about that I should be able to post later this week, but for now let's roll with these videos.
   First, let's start calm with Ellie Goulding's Lights. You've probably heard this one remixed into something lately, but it's just a great chilled song, and Goulding is pretty fun to watch dancing around. Grab her album Bright Lights for some awesome music.

   Next, ever heard of Jukebox The Ghost? They're great. With driving piano leads, poppy vocals, and super catchy hooks, this band reminds me of Fun (but not so muscial-y) with a Hot Hot Heat influence, and maybe better than both. Maybe. Check out their video for Schizophrenia below.

   Finally, let's cool down with some Rick Ross and his new single Aston Martin Music. I didn't like this song at first for some reason, but with it's slow beat and sharp synths the song has definitely become a listener. I think I wrote a whole paper while listening just to this song over and over yesterday. Very easy listening. I honestly can't figure out what record this song is on, so if you do: buy it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bedouin Architecture and Chiddy Bang

   You know, every now and then things fall through the cracks. Hate when it happens, but it does, and hopefully you can just catch up when it does. So here is me catching up. Apparently sometime in January Bedouin Soundclash dropped a new single and video for a song called Elongo. The band has been busy for the past few months starting their own record label named Pirate Blend Records and Elongo is the first from the band in it's new home and new record dropping in September. Check it out:

   Next, I have to admit: sometimes I love Train, sometimes I hate them. This new Marry Me song, I definitely don't like very much at all, but if you add Patrick Monahan, the vocals of Train, to Chiddy Bang, you get a pretty cool mix. Chiddy Bang has a new record named The Swelly Life coming out later this year. I haven't really given Chiddy Bang the light they deserve, they're a great duo, so give them a listen.
 Chiddy Bang - Baby Roulette by Pretty Much Amazing
    Architecture In Helsinki is a band I've always heard about but never really investigated, and I'm kind of kicking myself for that. The Australian band's new album Moment Bends is dropping in May and apparently is a large departure from their normal sound. If their new single Contact High is any indication, I could be pretty excited about this album. I think this song is growing on me massively; it just has a very neat sound. Check it out:
Contact High by Architecture In Helsinki   


Saturday, February 19, 2011

Kanye's New Video

   Alright, I'm going to give you a suggestion right now: get up from where you are and shut off the lights in the room you're in. I say that because it's dark right now and I think to fully enjoy this video you need to be immersed in it. So Kanye West's new video for All of the Lights dropped the other day and I gotta say: it's something. Now I admit, I love this song - sing it on the reg with my friends whenever we turn lights on. Or do anything really, but take a watch of the video and let me know what you think of it.

   Gotta admit, I'm not very impressed. And I don't usually not like things, but I'm not very big on this. I feel like with a cast of character such as those featured in that song we could have a pretty awesome music video. Instead, we get a half lyric video half indie dance club color slam. Not that that's a bad thing, it's a pretty neat video, the parts that are video, but editing out the middle of the song robs the song of a lot of it's charm, and using words to substitute content for an artist of Kanye's fame kind of just sucks. Let's leave it at that.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Casual Friday

   Ever heard of Casual Friday? I'm guessing not, though you should have. I recently wrote an article about them and, well, how about you take a look and give them a listen, eh?

   When Florida’s weather decides not to coincide with the “Sunshine State” slogan people get pretty depressed. When the state keeps it up for days in a row people begin to get a little bit antsy, and that includes me. Listening to music on rainy days naturally tends to evoke different emotions than it would on a bright sunny day, but the other day I heard a band that cut right through the gloom and depression that days of rain had brought with it. Casual Friday, out of Ada, Ohio is a four piece band that brings true, American rock ‘n roll to the stage with no shame. Casual Friday has just released a new, stripped down acoustic EP titled Rendezvous and it is that which finds me enjoying a rainy day. (Click Read More below the player to continue reading this article!



Finally! The Strokes new single "Under Cover of Darkness" dropped today and it's only available for stream/download for 48 hours so get your hands on it! It sounds amazing. I'm justgoing to leave it at that say so LISTEN NOW! In case the YouTube goes down, I'll put the SoundCloud that you can actually download the song from below it. The Strokes new Album Angles dropson March 22nd. Get in line now.

The Strokes - Under Cover of Darkness by One Thirty BPM
What do you think of the song? I love it.