Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Resurrecting The Beast

Hello there. I'm Jack, nice to meet you. Once upon a time this was my music blog. Once upon a time I lost my free time and became a slacker when it came to updating this beautiful log of great bands, but no more! I've finally found some free time (be it nearly 6 months late) and I'd like to return to the blogosphere. One of the things that caused my great crash here was the (somehow) accidental wipe out of all our mp3s. Not sure how it happened, but it did, and when they went, and when I moved into a new place with an awful internet connection, so did my ambition. But now it's back. So I hit you with this. The Shout Out Louds are a band I've recently been listening to. The Shout Out Louds are a Swedish indie-pop band that's been rocking since 2001. Their third studio album, Work debuted on February 23rd and the single Fall Hard has been making some rounds on Sirius Radio and elsewhere. I give you the video for the song here tonight as I still haven't fixed the mp3 problem. But hey, Welcome back, Hipsters.

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