Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Liam Finn: not just 90210

Can y'all believe that it's December already? I mean, seriously... this last quarter has just flown by. It's already just about finals time, which means it's almost Christmas time, which means it's almost time for the new year.


Anyways - I've been listening to Liam Finn for a little while now, kind of saving him up for a time when I hadn't found anything new in a little bit. Then... this morning, I found out that one of his songs was featured on the new 90210 series. That bummed me out like whoa.

I guess it doesn't change the fact that his music is pretty awesome. I guess.

Tunes! ...or, more accurately: Videos!

Liam Finn - Second Chance

Liam Finn - Better to Be

I'd also like to note that this past weekend was the 10th anniversary of the WTO protests in Seattle. For any of you who like to style yourselves as activists... that's big stuff. Now, I'm no activist, but there's something about community and solidarity and belief to be said coming out of that.

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