Monday, May 24, 2010

Your Dose of Pop Videos

So I just made a 16 hour drive to New Jersey to intern for the summer and seeing as it was a Saturday/Sunday trip...Sirius decided to show me the top 45 pop song countdown all of 4 or 5 times in a row. So I just somewhat haphazardly watched a couple of the videos (proof its brainwash) but there are some pretty cool videos out right now. I mean, cough, cough, they're not indie at all but hey, it'll do. I'm going to post a bunch here so enjoy! (PS: I'm not sure why these keep getting cut off, so just click the title of this post to go to it as a separate page and you can see them all without part cut off)

Older song, new video, and Katy Perry. Guilty pleasure, I love these dudes. And Katy Perry. Definitely Katy Perry.

I want to know this dance:

I'm never not down (that's always) with the Black Eyed Peas, not matter what their sound is. And this video isn't too amazing but I'm down with the song:

I also love Katy Perry, and am amazed they came up with a pretty neat plot for a music video for this so it's getting posted too:

Like I said, 3OH!3 is my guilty pleasure. Not sure if this is the guys from 3OH!3, but its well done:

This I mainly like 1) for an obvious reason, but 2) because it's a reply to Jay-Z's Empire State of Mind, which was good for like 1 listen in my opinion. I'm not a giant fan of Cali, and anyone who has read this for a while knows, and we'll all probably be tired of this song by tomorrow, but I love it right now:

Finally, apparently Cartel came out with a new album last year. Hmmph missed that one. Actually not too bad. Show's some definite growth:

I think that's all I've got right now. Poppy stuff wooooooo. I swear I'll have real bands next time.

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