Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bedouin Architecture and Chiddy Bang

   You know, every now and then things fall through the cracks. Hate when it happens, but it does, and hopefully you can just catch up when it does. So here is me catching up. Apparently sometime in January Bedouin Soundclash dropped a new single and video for a song called Elongo. The band has been busy for the past few months starting their own record label named Pirate Blend Records and Elongo is the first from the band in it's new home and new record dropping in September. Check it out:

   Next, I have to admit: sometimes I love Train, sometimes I hate them. This new Marry Me song, I definitely don't like very much at all, but if you add Patrick Monahan, the vocals of Train, to Chiddy Bang, you get a pretty cool mix. Chiddy Bang has a new record named The Swelly Life coming out later this year. I haven't really given Chiddy Bang the light they deserve, they're a great duo, so give them a listen.
 Chiddy Bang - Baby Roulette by Pretty Much Amazing
    Architecture In Helsinki is a band I've always heard about but never really investigated, and I'm kind of kicking myself for that. The Australian band's new album Moment Bends is dropping in May and apparently is a large departure from their normal sound. If their new single Contact High is any indication, I could be pretty excited about this album. I think this song is growing on me massively; it just has a very neat sound. Check it out:
Contact High by Architecture In Helsinki   


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