Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ellie's Rick Ross Jukebox Hump Day Video Post

   Hey everyone! So I've had a few videos up on my dashboard here for the past few days but haven't had the time to throw them up yet so here we go. I've got an awesome band I've been working on writing about that I should be able to post later this week, but for now let's roll with these videos.
   First, let's start calm with Ellie Goulding's Lights. You've probably heard this one remixed into something lately, but it's just a great chilled song, and Goulding is pretty fun to watch dancing around. Grab her album Bright Lights for some awesome music.

   Next, ever heard of Jukebox The Ghost? They're great. With driving piano leads, poppy vocals, and super catchy hooks, this band reminds me of Fun (but not so muscial-y) with a Hot Hot Heat influence, and maybe better than both. Maybe. Check out their video for Schizophrenia below.

   Finally, let's cool down with some Rick Ross and his new single Aston Martin Music. I didn't like this song at first for some reason, but with it's slow beat and sharp synths the song has definitely become a listener. I think I wrote a whole paper while listening just to this song over and over yesterday. Very easy listening. I honestly can't figure out what record this song is on, so if you do: buy it.

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