Thursday, May 28, 2009

An Attempt In Hip-osity

Ya know, shopping in Florida is tough. Yeah, never thought you'd read that right? Well lemme qualify that. When you wear a size small in everything and you live in the NASCAR capital of the U.S.A., even the nice stores don't stock your size, generally. And Summer has got to be the worst month for a small guy to dress in. I mean, we look ridiculous in big shorts, but that's almost all that's sold around here. So needless to say, trying to be hip in the summer is hard. Today though, I came upon a stroke of luck and found some sweet V-neck shirts and shorts that fit really well. Finally!
The shorts are from Hang Ten. A company from California started in 1960 to make clothing that actually work for surfing. Personally, living in Florida I've never heard of em, but man they know how to make some clothes that fit right.
Anyway, if you can't tell, I'm pretty excited. V-necks are from Old Navy, they're cheap (8 bucks) and look very nice. Apparently V-necks are becoming cool again.
For my last little bit of hip fashion update, I was paying attention to some ties the other day, and it seems that skinny ties are getting kind of popular again. I love 'em. Walked into Men's Warehouse to see if they got the memo and they had a few, all really dark though, way to business-y for just some fun. Also, just heard the TV say 'summer scarves' are in for men and women. Please just don't.

Ok, so this isn't just a useless fashion update, I found an awesome company that should be totally hip. It's called Boxedwaterisbetter uses 85% recycled paper containers for distributing their water and ships all these containers flat. Now, the first makes sense, but the second may require a little explaining. Shipping these boxes without water flat allows them to move a ton of them at a time, way more than plastic bottles, and saves energy by requiring less trips. Anyway, the trade off from plastic bottles to recycled paper is phenomenal. People have been packaging liquids like this forever, why not water right? Let's see if the college will stock this in the store. That'd be pretty rad.
From a consumer stand-point it just looks awesome. I wanna buy some just to ask people to look in my fridge. This company has got it right.

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