Thursday, June 4, 2009

So Much Rain, So Little Indoor Activities

I guess a problem with living in Florida is that when is rains, all your plans - even your possibility to plan - goes out the window. The normal 3 O'clock showers have become something like 5 O'clock showers and it's been randomly raining all the time. There's a nice, huge, flooding, storm going on right now. My little patio here is so full of water it's just about flush with the door jam, and the cars outside my window have been struggling to get up the hill!
Anyway, time to talk music. I've been debating whether or not to put some songs on here lately. The reason for this is because these records have a few great, stand-out songs, but (I feel like) the rest of the album is lacking. So on with it:
This first band I present to you is named Lykke Li. They're from Stockholm, Sweden and they have a really chill, interesting sound. I dig it, but I can't decide whether I like the whole album or not. they've got a song called "Little Bit" that is great.
The next band is a band I've only found out about a few days ago called Arkells. They've got this song called "The Ballad of Hugo Chavez", and it's got a great vibe. The rest of the album though, I don't know, it has a unique sound. kind of like Gaslight Anthem but more upbeat sounding. Either way, their Ballad is a phenomenal song and I guarantee it'll get your foot bumping. (no money back offer). Arkells is from Ontario, Canada. That should be enough for you to go out and get their album. Darn Canadians. For as much flak as we, as I, give them..they sure know how to make music. I guess that's a viable alternative when all you've got is cold open land to play with. Unless you're a hoon.
Finally, I've got Cut Off Your Hands to talk about. Funny, when I heard about these guys I wrote it on my hand and then thought "hey this will be artsy if someone sees and reads it." It wasn't as funny as I thought when someone did. COYH is a band from New Zealand, and it's pretty apparent. I think just above Canada on the awesome-witty-smart-good music scale is New Zealand. As we can clearly see on the official Funny and Good Music scale, New Zealand clearly outranks Canada due to their climate and entertainment possiblities, while both overwhemingly defeat Greenland, where I don't think anything actually happens. Truthfully, Flight of the Conchords should be a decent enough track record for New Zealand to be recognized as a neat music/wit scene. COYH calls themselves a pop band, but that's for you to distinguish. They've got upbeat songs, and a song called "Turn Cold" stands out to me. (also it's one of their singles). They've been getting a tiny amount of exposure on SIRIUSXMU, which I guess isn't tiny, but they rock for sure. Well enough blathering, let's get on with the music, shall we?

Lykke Li - Little Bit
Arkells - The Ballad of Hugo Chavez
Cut Off Your Hands - Turn Cold

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