Sunday, September 6, 2009

MYMNKA: The Icarus Account

     So it’s finally Labor Day weekend and we’ve all got a little time off. Can’t beat that right? Talk about needing it too, it seems like this day off always comes just when we’re beginning to get overwhelmed, doesn’t it? Anyway today I come to you with a very exciting Music You Might Not Know About. This is exciting firstly, because the guys in this band are not only awesome individuals, but good friends. Secondly, because the music is mind-blowing. Third because these guys are going to be blowing up (already are). And lastly, because I’ve had the privilege of playing on the same stage with them, and that’s pretty exciting.
The Icarus Account
     Ok, so let’s start at the basics. The Icarus Account consists of two guys, Ty and Trey. They’re twins, believe it or not, and both massively talented. They’re Christian and not afraid to show it. They hale from Fort Myers, Florida and have been playing music for a while now. The Icarus Account plays intense acoustic music and when I say acoustic, I mean all sorts of acoustics. I dare you to listen for all the different instruments one can hear within their record. Though fret not, there are full band songs, and if you thought the acoustic songs sound great, then get ready for some ear-delightfulness. Their debut album, Mayday, has been well received around the country and considering they were unsigned at the time the album dropped, it was an impressive release. I bought the album from Trey one night after seeing them play at a local venue and it was definitely a smart move. Mayday was on repeat not only on my computer, but in my head, for a few weeks. These songs are catchy! I have not had a single person hear this band and have anything but positive words to say about them. And rightfully so.
     The most insane aspect of The Icarus Account is that while doing all the above mentioned items, these guys have been in college. Talk about a busy life and some crazy multitasking! Personally, I also have to add in that Ty and Trey are just about two of the nicest guys I've ever met. Not to mention probably some of the most talented musicians around right now. Trust me, you'll realize this quickly upon listening!
     I spoke with The Icarus Account the other day to get a little update on what they have been up to the past few months and there’s some pretty awesome developments in their camp. The guys have been working on a brand new album and will shipping out to LA to finish it later this month. Love is the Answer will be recorded over the next few months and should be released on December 1st, obviously making it the best stocking stuffer this Christmas season (I’m already excited). Love is the Answer will be a split album with five acoustic songs and five full band songs. The Icarus Account will be touring through October and November so visit their Myspace and check out some dates. You’ve got to see these guys live, I promise you won't be disappointed and c'mon, have I ever let you down? Now listen to some of this music!
The Icarus Account - Proud
The Icarus Account - Closer to You
The Icarus Account - More To Me

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