Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Voodoo Economics: Dude. Trippy.

What, you say? Yup. Mmhmm. Yarly. Anyways - Voodoo Economics. Formed in 2005; one EP and two albums out - and available for free on their website - currently on hiatus.

Not enough information for you? Try this: they're a high concept band. What's the high concept?

Megatsunami hits; dead bodies reach critical mass, and meat wakes up. Girl talks to meat; meat talks back.

Yes, meat. Red stuff, tasty? Yup.

Weird enough?

All that aside, though, they've got a really cool sound - kind of like a bluesed-out, slowed-down Nine Inch Nails, but with a female lead vocalist. And since (as I might have mentioned) all their music is free (!) it won't cost you anything to check out.

I've loaded two of their tracks here; the first one (hit soft like a featherload of bricks) is from their first album, if::then::iminami. The second one (Meathook) is from their second album, Nighttime Sabbaticals.

Voodoo Economics - hit soft like a featherload of bricks

Voodoo Economics - Meathook

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