Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Pastiche Genius in the 24th Dimension

I'm almost embarrassed that I haven't posted the music of The Kleptones before now - they're a completely awesome group (okay, so one guy with a computer, but who (other than (whoo! nested parentheses) me) is counting?) Anyways - if you're a fan of mashups or remixes, to any extent at all, you need to check this stuff out.

Eric Kleptone (and I doubt that's his real name) is a remixer / mashup artist from the UK who's done some quality danceable stuff - check this track -

Caper vs. DJ C & Zebra - Body Jump (Kleptones box clever remix)

But The Kleptones put out some majorly, majorly ambitious mashup albums, too, the most impressive of which (to me) is A Night At The Hip-Hopera, a complete musical journey in which every song is based off of a different Queen sample. The album is really a continuous, 80-minute piece of music, but it's split for convenience's sake into 23 different tracks... two of which follow:

The Kleptones - (2) See

The Kleptones - (22) Stop

Okay then.

In other news, my 21st birthday is less than a week away! And that's something I'm very excited about. No, silly, not because I'll be drinking massive amounts of alcohol... because it'll, as I illustrated in my last post allow me to get into a lot of shows that I currently can not attend. I'll try to get some concert reports up as I can.

Hope y'all are well back in Florida, and wherever else you're reading from! Have a great afternoon!

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