Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Radical Tantrums and Winters

   The first band here today is an interesting, kind of retro, but nice and in your face band named Fitz and the Tantrums. Fitz Is Michael Fitzpatrick's latest venture with soul singer Noelle Scaggs and blends a sound of late 70s funk/disco with a great churchy noise into a seven piece band. I definitely dig the sound and then guy/girl harmonies. Check out their single MoneyGrabber below.

   Next is a band named Radical Faces that I've only been introduced to in the past few days. The band skillfully combines a ton of different sounds into one song leaving you thinking about many bands to compare them to. Simply put, I'm not sure you can compare this band to many as they've done a pretty decent job of carving their own niche. Here's Radical Faces Welcome Home.

   Finally we have a band I've been meaning to update forever about out of Seattle named The Long Winters. You've probably heard some of their great, poppy, indieish songs in the past, I mean, how else do you stay happy in Seattle? One of the band's most spun songs is Fire Island, AK. and it's just a great, upbeat song with a neat video.

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