Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Raphael and the Jukebox

   Well, after what seems like a little break in the past few months, it feels like we have some new, fun, listenable music rising to the surface lately. The first band I want to talk about today is a band with an awesome groove named Jukebox The Ghost. I found out about this band through NPR's free music app for smart phones. It's a great little app to hear some undiscovered bands before they blow up. NPR is pretty strong at finding interesting, smaller, bands and promoting them, so thumbs up, NPR. Anyway, Jukebox is a 3-piece, definitely indie, somewhat poppy, band out of Washington, D.C. The band definitely has a great sound that could only mildly be related to sounds like very old hellogoodbye. Maybe. I'm not a fan of saying a band sounds like someone else when they really have their own noise, but I recommend giving this band a listen. With a bunch of synth, strong drums, and catchy tunes, Jukebox The Ghost's second album Everything Under The  Sun is out now and certainly one I'd pick up. Here's their song Schizophrenia.

   Next we have someone you may or may not have heard of before. Raphael Saadiq has been a staple in the old school R&B scene for quite some time and his latest single Radio will ensure listeners that old school R&B is long from dead, and that the genre is still a ton of fun. With style, classic sound, and a bunch of pretty girls, Radio continues to bring on a modern take on a classic sounds that the likes of Fitz and the Tantrums are also influencing. You can be sure to hear this song blowing up commercially in the next few months and that's not particularly a bad thing, Saadiq's music has been featured all over. I can just see A&E models dancing around to this classic tune already.

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