Monday, July 6, 2009

Being Hip On Monday

So lately I've been working on Monday mornings in the office, which turns into slacking off the moment it's slow and listening to music while updating Attempts At Hip. Which explains the Monday posts. Well, today I'm not working in the office, in fact I'm about to go on a little adventure. So I figured before I do so I'd post up a couple songs that I've been rockin' lately and figured you all should as well.
The first song is by a band called Wild Lights. Now, with the classic Phantom Planet ode to California (See: The O.C.), there are a ton of songs that hype up how cool Cali is, but every now and then it's nice to have a someone cut down the state and keep Cali from getting a big head, and Wild Light delivers on this. If California heard this song it might just cry, and I think I'm ok with that. Give this a listen and you'll hear exactly what I'm rappin' on about. The song is beautifully repetitive and super catchy. I guarantee this one will be stuck in your head. Wild Light's album Adult Nights is out now everywhere.
Wild Light - California On My Mind
The second song is a little switch in genre. Never a bad idea to switch it up. I got my hands on this song about two weeks ago, listened to it a bunch of times and then kind of forgot about it. But, I actually heard it either on Pandora or Sirius the other day which reminded me, it's a pretty cool song! Wale is a rapper out of Maryland that hasn't followed the auto tune trend and actually made an interesting song (even with a Superbad shout out) and to top it off, he's teamed up with Lady Gaga for the song called "Chillin". It's a great song to just hangout to and especially to drive to. I'm definitely posting the video for this one. As weird as Lady Gaga looks sometimes, she looks great in this video, AND check the Mercedes SL Black around :50. That thing looks great too, though TopGear ripped into it pretty hard this week!
Wale Ft. Lady Gaga - Chillin

Look for another update come Wednesday as I'll be office-bound again by then!

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