Tuesday, July 28, 2009


     Well we said we would do it, and here it is - our first installation of Music You May Not Know About. This is the section of our website where we'll be bringing you music from bands that are beginning to gain some steam. They may be local, they may just be smaller or completely unsigned, either way, they sound great and you need to know about it.

     The first band we're going to feature on here is named Rug.
     And let me say, These boys know what they're doing. In my last post I mentioned I was going to see Rug play in Orlando, Florida and the show was phenomenal. Rug is based out of Orlando, Florida and have roots of a developing band as long ago 2000. In the past year though, they've been busy. With a bunch of shows under their belts, a 2nd place showing at the huge Daytona Beach Int'l Festival Battle of the Bands, an EP recorded, a live show recorded and a growing fan base, this band is going somewhere.
     Before they recorded I got to sit in and hear these guys practice a few songs and after seeing them the other night, this is one of those go-see-them-live-if-you-appreciate-music bands. These guys put on a show that will leave you speechless, the sound they create makes you want to just keep asking for more (which many people were doing). Makes me angry I forgot my camera the other night.
     In addition to all of that, it's so easy to listen to this EP. I've listened to it almost three times just writing this. Anyway, of course I'm going to give you some music to listen to but before I do that I'm going to say you need to go see these guys at Floyd's Music Store in Tallahassee, Florida on August 8th. I guarantee you'll be hearing about these guys in the future. And also check out they're Myspace at Myspace.com/Rug
     Ok so here we go, Here are two tracks for you. The first, Sparrow, if off of the Rug EP, and the next song, Traveling By Night is an Attempts At Hip exclusive track
Rug - Sparrows
Attempts At Hip Exclusive!
Rug - Traveling By Night

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  1. they are a FUCKING great band!
    love from Greece!