Monday, July 13, 2009

So Much Noise! So Much Hip!

     I believe the new President of this fine University is outside the door of my office, and I think the entire office is out there having a welcoming party. They were just singing a welcoming song. I hope they don't scare her off!

     Anyway, I've got a bunch of great music to talk about and, as usual, I'll include some music for you all to hear toward the end, so I'm going to get right to it.
The first focal point of this update is a guy I've been forcing all my friends to listen to the past week and it's been blowing my mind how intelligent/awesome this music is.
     Snob Scrilla is a California born Australian musician putting out crazy beats with mind blowing lyrics. It's funny, I just began writing how Snob Scrilla's music is a kind of rap-but not rap, but erased it because it's hard to explain what this is. The best adjective to give any insight to the sound would have to just be; great. His album Day One is loaded with these great tracks. SS has been added as the other act for Matisyahu's Australian tour (Matisyahu is back with a new set of music too, by the way). I think there needs to be a lot more music like this. (scroll down for the mp3)
     The next band I wanted to talk a little about is out of Kentucky, and admittedly, Tyce knows more about these boys than I do. Cage The Elephant originally made me double-take Sirius when I saw the interesting name flashing across the screen. I think what I like about these guys is that they have a kind of Red Hot Chili Peppers-esque sound on almost all their songs I've heard with the exception of their released single. And I love RHCP. But to say they just sound like RHCP is pretty close minded. These boys have carved out a great sound and they show they're pretty versatile with the differences between their single and the other songs on their myspace. Apparently CTE is blowing up in the UK. Definitely give their self titled album some play time. (scroll down again for another mp3)
     Finally I wanted to talk about a New York based band that a friend reminded me about. White Rabbits has been blowing up all over Sirius and the Internet lately. Mainly it's been with a song called "Percussion Gun". And their exploding onto the scene is for good reason. They sound great! With bellowing floor toms in the single, White Rabbits command some attention, and with gruelingly contained-but-almost-out-of-control sounds that have to be heard to be appreciated, this band has some kick. Percussion Gun is off their album "It's Frightening" which is available for only $7 online. Best of all, these guys are going to be playing two dates in Florida (which is getting rare for fun bands to come here!) They'll be playing Tallahassee on August 22nd and The Social in Orlando on the 23rd. You can expect to see me at The Social! Here's the video for Percussion Gun.

White Rabbits "Percussion Gun" Music Video from White Rabbits on Vimeo.

     In other news. I'm going to try this thing later today that allows us to leave music videos (and just cool videos) on the side for you to watch and be entertained. I'm not the best with these computer doodads but I'll do my best to make this beast work. Could be cool! Expect to see Snob Scrilla's Heartbreak Scorsese video there because it looks SO amazing.
Snob Scrilla - Heartbreak Scorsese
Cage The Elephant - Ain't No Rest For The Wicked

     Very finally, In the near future Attempts At Hip is going to be doing a lot of reporting on local/smaller Floridian bands. A friend of mine has a record label that will be sending some music our way and we're going to start making this central Florida music life happen. (Hopefully!)

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