Thursday, July 23, 2009

Well Hello Again!

     Well, I'll be the first to admit that it's been a little since my last update. But, Tyce has been holding it down pretty solidly with the Pitchfork coverage. Wish I could have been there! Anyway, to create a good excuse for my lack of attention to AAH, I had a few days off from work which gave me some time to head home, and tomorrow I'll be heading to Boston to visit a few friends, so this is what's kept me! Maybe I'll root around in Boston for some neat music.

     In the meantime, I've been listening to some new music that I think you'll enjoy as much as myself.

     The first comes from Toronto based band MSTRKRFT (that's pronounced MasterKraft). These guys rip it up with some of the remixes they produce. One of the members used to be in Death From Above 1979 so obviously they've got some talent. Plus, they've worked with John Legend on this single called Heartbreaker and I love the way it sounds. Check out the video for it.

     Another new band I've been rockin' is named This Town Needs Gun. They're a wickedly talented band from Oxford (thus inherently talented), and they play some crazy complicated sounding stuff. It's a pretty mind-blowing sound. Some call it math/indie..I say it's just plain good. Check out their single entitled Pig from their debut LP; Animals
This Town Needs Guns - Pig

     Also, I know it's a few years old but I've had Minus The Bear's - Menos El Oso on constant rotation for the past week or so. Such a good album. Brought my boombox to the beach and blasted them the other day. Had a few people who were blasting some Young Jeezy keep staring at us while we listened to it! So here's Pachuca Sunrise
Minus The Bear - Pachuca Sunrise

     Finally, going to see this insanely talented band called Rug tonight in Orlando. Sadly they have no recorded music, but soon I'll get them to get something for you to hear, they rock hard. Also, I want to leave 2 videos I'm enjoying. The first is by Keri Hilson, called Knock You Down..It's blowing up on the radio, but I think it's just a neat sounding song. The Next is by Kid Cudi, who I'm having a really hard time getting into, but seeing as he only talks for about 35 seconds in this song of his, I like it. BTW, where is Lady Gaga with all that sampling?

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  1. God, Love Kid Kuddy. He's one smooth Mother Fucker. Love his stuff.