Friday, June 12, 2009

Breaking through the Blogosphere

Jack has invited me to write for his blog. Obviously he is not too concerned about doing justice to his own title, as I can promise minimal "hip" (of the figurative variety. I am well endowed physically ... with hips).
I appreciate a myriad of fields and hobbies - music, photography, whatever Jack likes really (he is leader of the free hipster world). But I really love something considerably less cool (try spelling bee levels of cool) but definitely awesome ! beep boop robot sounds! She blinded me with sciiience! Doo Do Do Dooo Dooo! And stop the band! Great take guys. You get paid on Thursday. See, scientists get made up bands! How neat! What do indie hipsters get? Real bands that play original, exciting music? O yeeeeaaa...
So what am I trying to say? First, really pleased to write for Attempts at Hip. Second, I like what Jack likes (sometimes >_<). Third, expect completely bizarre and fun topics too.
I leave you with a song from former indie rock band Black Wire out of Leeds, UK. I saw these guys when they first came to the U.S. and played at whatever venue would take them. Namely, a suburban high school auditorium in the cornfields of Illinois. There self-titled album Black Wire is fast, frantic, and makes you (well me anyway) want to violently dance. Enjoy!

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