Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Oh Yeah, America

You know what really kills a good car show? Rather, what tends to kill most fun things when it happens out of context? That annoying "America is obviously the best place in the world" music. And it seems like whenever I go to a car show that these older guys just park their cars and then salute the speakers as they bellow songs like America The Beautiful. Now, don't get me wrong or take that unpatriotically, I mean, I'm from Cape Cod, where the Patriots are from (New England), so it's basically impossible for me to make unpatriotic statements. Anyway it just kills me to get out of the car and hear this blaring. I'm not 70! I don't remember when this was hip. Anyway, that's what happened at the most recent show I went to, and the "deejay" said he had two more gigs the same day. I can't wait to be back on the radio in August. How cool would it be, though, to go to something like a car show and have music like what's on this blog blaring? Man, I'd never leave. It's a dream, I know, but maybe in the future! Are they going to be playing blog music when I'M 70 looking at some car from the 2000's going "Man I remember when this thing was rattling around on the roads"? Probably not. Doubtful there will be much in the way of cars from right now in 2070 with the way things are made to biodegrade.

Anyway, enough ranting and raving. So I have a bad tendency to hear some music, think "that sounds great!" and then forget to ever follow up and get any information about what made me so excited. Miike Snow is no different. And before you all jump, no spelling error, it's got 2 "i"s. Heard this band's single "Animal" a few weeks ago and it's super catchy, got a cool feel, and definitely is a neat summer song. The band has a kind of Sufjan Stevens-y feel with some electronics for good measure. I'm enjoying the album quite a bit. Pretty good music for a rainy day like today was. Not depressing by any means, but not overly-cheery either. I'd advise to grab this one.
Miike Snow - Animal
Miike Snow - Plastic Jungle

Also, I happened upon this awesome Michael Jackson/Ratatat mix, not a mashup, it's well done..go check this out, it's worth a listen
The Hood Internet - Billie Wildcat Jean (Michael Jackson vs Ratatat)

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  1. But we all know its only a matter of time before some spawn off of Disney remasters America, The Beautiful and it gets broadcasted across our future generations of car shows! That Ratatat-Jackson fuse is amazing so is Miike Snow.