Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun

So, Thursday morning, and another day sitting in the office. I come today to you with a war story. I hope that no other person falls victim to the horrors that befell me last night. I went to hang out with some friends and was coincidentally roped into watching Pride and Prejudice. It was incredibly scary. I'm lucky to have survived. Thankfully, we watched the version with Keira Knightely so there was at least that redeeming quality. Two hours later, my retinas scarred and my brain on British-people-talking-way-to-fast overload, it ended. But I guess something lucky from this is that I remembered I had not finished reading this new book I got about two months ago; Pride and Prejudice and Zombies.If you haven't heard about this book then get excited. If you like zombies, decent writing, and not Pride and Prejudice then this book could be for you. It's the story of P&P re-written by zombie author Seth Grahame. Rather, Grahame has added zombies into the book. The story hasn't changed too much though. It's changed just enough to include a zombie wasteland with a quaint love story. I bought the book for $11 on Amazon a few days before it came out. I encourage you to buy it. I encourage you to buy it from a bricks and mortar bookstore like Barnes and Nobles or Books-A-Million for example. Had I a memory to remember to buy a book like this when it came out I definitely would have, but buying it online saved me the trouble of forgetting! So go pick that up.
In other news, as I was flipping through some music sites this morning I ran into some info that The Harlem Shakes have just put out their first full length album! I saw The Harlem Shakes as an opening band for Vampire Weekend about a year ago and man they rock hard. Last year when I saw them they only had an EP out called Burning Birthdays and now they have a new album called Technicolor Health and upon first listen here I'm enjoying it a lot. These guys rock hard. The first time I looked them up online it took a little to get into the music, but after that I was listening to them non-stop. Very exciting to see they have a new album out. They're currently touring with Passion Pit and opening for them. I'd say if you get a chance go see these guys, They'll probably give the headliner a run for their money...They did it to Vampire Weekend. I leave you with Harlem Shakes new song "Sunlight". I heard it said that this song could be a 'hipster's summer front porch song' and I'm beginning to see the truth behind that!
Harlem Shakes - Sunlight

P.S. Attempts At Hip now has another writer besides myself. Figured it would be cool to have some other taste spliced in on here so look for that soon!

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