Monday, June 22, 2009

On The Precipice

Man, it is really interesting how much goes on in a week. That's probably a pretty unintelligent thing to say, but if you take a second and think about it, it's crazy. Let's see here, off the top of my head we had USA beat Egypt in the Confederation Cup, Obama killed a fly, Iran insanity is still happening and now they're being threatened with some heavy backlash, gas has gone up, and obviously, the biggest news out of all of this is that super band Discovery has blown up since last week's update. Maybe I need to start hopping on here and updating more often. Geez, I've heard 3 separate songs on Sirius in the past few days and every website I've been on has been promoting them. Which is awesome. The record is just great.
For some reason Blogger is fighting me with images this morning. Luckily I know some HTML! (enough to make a photo appear ha)
!!!!Someone just got stuck in the elevator outside my office!!!! Man, rickety old thing gave up for a few minutes..I think he just got out. What a way to begin the morning!
Anyway, I digress, Go pick up Discovery's album on July 7th
So I've had Phoenix, Kings of Leon, Harlem Shakes, and the above mentioned boys on heeaavvyy rotation for the past week and I couldn't enjoy it more. You know how sometimes you just love what you're listening to and don't have much need to find new stuff? Well that doesn't happen too often for me but I guess it did. What I'm getting at here is that I really didn't know what to update here with today...but I think I've got it.
Following on this little electronic trend that Discovery has started this morning; Simian Mobile Disco is a London based duo turning out pretty interesting music and remixes. They have three records out that have dropped in the past two years and their newest, called Temporary Pleasure, drops on August 17th..which is still a few months away, but their new single - The Audacity of Huge - is hitting the airwaves now and a pretty interesting video has come out for it as well

Look for that album in a few should be a pretty good album to get dance parties going. (which is always important.)
Anyway, I want to leave with the song "Manhattan" by King of Leon so this has some non-electronic music. This song, and all of KoL's songs have a very addicting beat and sound.I'll admit, I reaaaallyyy didn't like Kings of Leon on my first, maybe 15 listens. But they've grown on me and I really like it a lot now.
King of Leon - Manhattan

Finally, If you read this and think I should include some other bands PLEASE comment and let me know! Hopefully I'll have an email address for this soon and we can get some communication going on!
Have a great one everyone!

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