Monday, June 8, 2009

Monday Morning

Well here we are; Monday morning. I'm currently sitting in the office at work being oh so productive. Not really, I've got no work to do except sit here and answer questions..but nobody is around right there's no questions to answer. Man. Some guy keeps mumbling outside the door, I may check on that in a few minutes.
So last night I was listening to some music and remembered that forever ago I wanted to get an album by Does It Offend You, Yeah? DIOYY? is from Reading in the UK and they play electronic-dancy music, but they also have a few songs that are just...songs..and they're quite good. I've been listening to them since I sat down here. Well, until a co-worker walked in - headphone time. So obviously I'm going to leave you with a song from DIOYY?. They're wildly popular in the UK and had a sold-out US tour last year. I'm guessing the reason they're not more talked about is because of the music. I'm sure they're well known in the electronic realm as they've worked with Prodigy, Ladytron, Bloc Party, and NIN to name a few. They've also been on Jimmy Kimmel. I have not been paying attention ha.
Side Note - Two of my co-workers are outside in the hall with a cooler full of beer and wine. It's 10AM.

Anyway, I've got a song for you called Dawn of the Dead and a video called Epic Last Song

Does It Offend You, Yeah? - Dawn of the Dead

I'm starting to realize that if you play the songs on here and just let them go it's not a bad dance-y mix for a little party. Sweet!

So other news, I was surfing on last month and saw that they were
recommending this book called "Who Is Mark Twain". I happened upon it in Barnes And Nobles a few weeks ago and bought it and it's a collection of unpublished stories that Twain wrote and never published. Some are incomplete, some are just scattered thought, they're very interesting. If you don't read Indiebound, I suggest you browse over there and do so. They find some of the best books that might not make it into B&N or just don't get a ton of publicity and pump them up (granted they're worth reading).

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