Thursday, August 12, 2010

 Four Years Strong debuted their video for Tonight We Feel Alive (On a Saturday) the other day and here it is:
For a great HD version check our PureVolume:

   I just ran into this video by..some daughter of some hedgefund billion/millionaire friend of Bill Clinton's. I don't know anything about it - I don't want to know anything about it, but pretty much I've decided my life has been a lie up until seeing this video. Now everything just feels...better. Music can stop trying now because this girl has won. She's won music. Yup. Someone give this girl a trophy, like one of those "triumphant boy on top on soccer ball" trophies, except it will be her conquering a music note. Geez.

   In other news, I'm still acting like I'm incapacitated from losing my wisdom teeth/moving into a new house. Expect real updates sometime within next week.

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