Tuesday, August 24, 2010

La Musica

Today's special; Teeny Boppers! We'll start off with Selena Gomez. The Disney star made it big with her show The Wizards of Waverly Place, then did some cheesy made-for-tv movies. Well now she decided to try her hand at music...and seems to be doing a pretty good job of it. Round and Round is her latest single out.

NEXT UP! Miranda Cosgrove, another child actress-turned-musician. This one started out on Nickelodeon with a few supporting roles and then her lead role in iCarly....don't ask me how I know this. She decided to try her luck at music, and it seems to be working out pretty well for her as well.

This next one isn't actually a Teeny Bopper. She's actually my future wife. Don't worry, she'll know when the time comes. Taylor Swift is coming out with a new album, scheduled for October 25th, called Speak Now. I don't see how it's physically possible for anyone (other than Kanye) to dislike Taylor. Her new single, Mine came on the radio recently and I immediately LOVED it.

Taylor Swift - Mine

The next two songs don't really fit in the original category, but oh well. Just listen to the music. If you're in college (Freshmen, welcome), and you've attended at least one party recently, you've heard this song. Ke$ha is the trashy, but in a hot way, type of girl that you want to keep around, but not really take home to mommy and daddy. And for that, I love her. I have a feeling that this song is going to lead to a lot of people getting naked.

Finally, this song isn't exactly mainstream. Lead to Gold is a relatively little-known band based out of Gainesville, FL. I heard this song from a friend and immediately loved it; hopefully this will help get their name out there a bit more!
(Look, they have a Myspace.)

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