Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New Kings of Leon! (And it's good)

   Yup, you read that right! There is officially new Kings of Leon off of their upcoming album Come Around Sun. And I like it. Not like I'm the definitive guide to what is good and what isn't, but this song is pretty nice. I used to be a pretty big naysayer about KOL but they're a great band no two ways about it. Kings of Leon are skilled in making entertaining slow ballads as well as upbeat radio tunes - and this new one is the latter - but that's not bad. The song has an almost choral, church hymnish sound at points and strike a great tone. I heard someone today say that this song isn't just an attempt to cash in on the band's popularity while they have it - that the whole album is not that, and I believe it.
   This sounds like an honest progression of this band's unique sound and that's great to see. Like most bands that kind of carve their own niche into our music culture, King of Leon stay strong for this new album Come Around Sun. Here's the single AND I ran into a video for it below:
  Kings Of Leon - Radioactive by samhdot

(Video taken

Oh also, apparently Interpol has a new record. Meh. Google it if you want. 

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