Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Quick Video Update

   First the real news: Friendly Fires released a cover of Holy Ghost's Hold On as well as a mixtape called Bugged Out. I love this band - everything they make is golden. Here's the new cover:

   So if you're on Twitter (If so follow me @JackKellyIsHip and become cooler) You'll know that Kanye West and Justin Beiber began having some kind of romantic relationship the other day and, well, now they have a baby. Beibye teamed up with good ol' RZA and created this beast below. I don't think I like it, but you might.

   Now, unless you live under and internet rock you've heard about Antoine Dodson's sister and her almost raping (which is horrible, and kind of horrible this viral video has eclipsed it, anyway), if you've followed it at all you'll know the charismatic Antoine's interview was remixed by The Gregory Brothers and actually got on Billboard's Hot 100. Well, now Hayley Williams of Paramore Jordan Pundik of New Found Glory Ethan Luck of Relient K have remixed it. Just check it out:

   Do you remember Ida Maria? They had a pretty popular song about enjoying people's presence while naked, and now they have a new video for their song Oh My God. A Canadian friend actually sent this to me, I believe I overlooked it's release, Thanks Alex! Check it:

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