Monday, September 6, 2010

Canadian Music

  Canadians are interesting. I imagine they kind of sit above the United States riding their horses drinking maple syrup and looking down upon us while they make awesome music. That may not be true, but the fact that Canadians consistently churn out music that makes me jealous is. Maybe it's the water, or the climate, or the lack thereof for both thing (which is probably true), but today while driving around I checked a couple Canadian radio stations, which generally never update their music, don't display titles, and sometimes just play what is supposed to sound like dance music, but I came upon a band named Boxer the Horse and decided to give their song - Mary Meets the Pilot - a try. I really liked it. The band sounds like they have a sound that they're still growing into, but its a good sound. It's one of those noises that if asked what it sounded like you'd say "well, I think it's indie-ish? it's like, music, ya know?".
   Anyway, I'm down with it, and I've been listening to their MySpace for a little bit now so it's a pretty good listen. The MySpace has around 80k visits - so I don't expect you to know these guys yet - (I mean, I almost have that much! Give them some page views ladies and gents!) but I'd expect that given a little more time to refine this sound we'll definitely be hearing about these guys soon.

Boxer the Horse - Mary Meets the Pilot (via HeroHill)


  1. I actually saw these guys when i was in toronto this summer for NXNE and these guys were great!! it's so cool you posted them

  2. Nice! It seems like they're starting to gain a lot of popularity