Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Land of Talk and Golden Pandas

   When I was pretty young I thought I loved grunge music. Not the "Nirvana" sound, but more The Exies and they're accompanying bands. I thought I was really cool for wearing plaid and thinking I had teen angst. Well, we've grown up since then, and coming across a grungy band is not even easy nowadays, but this band I'm about to talk about gives me that old grungy feeling without all the shame of liking grunge.  
    Land of Talk is a three piece self described indie rock band from Montreal. Damn Canadians and their musical talent. One thing I really like about this band is that you could say "indie rock" and actually mean it for once. There's not synth stuck in every open part of the songs, no autotune, or any "indie" benchmarks in these songs - it's pure instrument music and I love it. Here's their song Swift Coin of the album Cloak and Cipher   Land Of Talk - 'Swift Coin' by nmemagazine

   With the ever emerging and changing sound of 'dubstep', a lot of new music is coming to our ears that people may have marked as "weird" even last year. With that said, it's not often you hear a song with two (2) lyrics and think "man, I could listen to that again"...but that's what I said when I first heard Gold Panda's song You of of the debut LP Lucky Shiner. Check out You below, and from Gold Panda's MySpace There's an entire album stream, which I'll post below
  Gold Panda - You by subraw

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