Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ra Ra News!

 So as my time here in New Jersey draws to a close I'm finding myself ridiculously busy in the last week. So, this may be my last post for about a week - and it should have come a few days ago. Anyway, if you're friends with me on the Facebooks, you'll know I wasultra excited the other night for something. That something? New Ra Ra Riot. Ra Ra Riot is great and when it leaked out that they had new music coming out, it made my day. So the band has given us a little teaser and released a three song EP named Boy - and I love it. Here's the single, Boy
Ra Ra Riot - Boy

famoussoundingwords (I attempted to reblog this from Pretty Much Awesome)
Ra Ra Riot - “Boy” download

In other news I'm pretty sure there was definitely some new hellogoodbye on Royal Pains last week.

Finally, check out Little Joy. They're a band out of Los Angeles and appropriately were form by Rodrigo Amarante, the singer and guitarist from Los Hermanos and Fabrizio Moretti, the drummer of The Strokes. They have a unique, great sound - check it out:

Finally, this means that all of The Strokes have their own separate projects. New music soon next year, they say, I'm interested to see the result.

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