Monday, July 12, 2010


So, as a rule I don't really listen to Of Montreal. Why, you ask? They're just so outgoing and excited about making music. How un-indie. They scare me a bit. My friends that like them, scare me a bit. Their songs tend to scare me a bit. But if you're a frequent reader here you know I don't really not listen to things. It's just not in the genetic make up over here. So, while listening to some music I came across Coquete Coquette by Of Montreal, and I have to say. It sounds different from what I've heard from them. It's got a great bass line and some catchy lyrics. I admit, I really like this song. I'm sure that the band will have some insane video and performance to go along with it, but taking the song at face value - I'm down with it. I'm actually in the midst of maybe getting a new media player for this website so with that said I'm just going to leave a static YouTube video of the song. Even the picture they put up is scary. Fish and guns? That's like surf and war. Check out the song below:

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