Tuesday, August 18, 2009

...And Now, For Something Completely Different.

Lest I become known as "The AAH Guy Who Only Blogs About Slow Music", I present to you: The Paper Chase.

Or, possibly, the pAper chAse. Or something. I'm not exactly sure how to capitalize this band's name... which is never a good sign that their music will be of high quality (other signs that a band might be of doubtful quality: random exclamation points, tight pants, fauxhawks).

The Paper Chase, though, are an exception - because, to put it bluntly, they rock.

Not in quite the way you might expect. Huge guitar riffs are at a premium. There's not a whole lot that's, to use a familiar term, 'pretty'. Pitchfork Mag said in their review of The Paper Chase's newest album, "Someday This Could All Be Yours (Part 1)", that "The songs here are composed of nasty little things-- tingling bits of piano wire, piercing guitar squawk, flatted thirds, minor seconds."

The Paper Chase, however, are weirdly addictive. The YouTube video I've embedded here is the song "Said The Spider To The Fly", which was on their 2004 album "God Bless Your Black Heart", and it's a perfect example of what I'm talking about.

These two songs are from their new album -

The Laying Of Hands, The Speaking In Tongues (The Mass Hysteria)

What Should We Do With Your Body? (The Lightning)

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