Monday, August 24, 2009

Disco, Baby!

Got a couple of new bands for y'all to check out today, coming back strong after a great weekend!

First off: The Phenomenal Handclap Band

I dithered around for a little bit about whether to post this group, mostly because they've been getting a lot of hype - they were featured in Playboy's list of bands to watch for 2009, for example, and their Myspace page (linked to from the band name in the preceding paragraph) has gotten more than three hundred thousand views. So... they might be a little under the radar, but they're not exactly unknown. A few factors worked in their favor, though: (1) they have an amazing name (2) they have a great sound (as you'll hear from the track I've embedded, "15 to 20" (3) their label, Truth and Soul, isn't what you might call The Man (4) did I mention that they have an amazing name?

The Phenomenal Hand Clap Band - 15 to 20

Second: The Golden Silvers

Another band that's gotten a good deal of hype lately, except they haven't come across the pond yet and made themselves known in the US. The Golden Silvers have been doing their thing in London for a couple of years now, and their debut album, True Romance, came out in April (but is still listed as "unavailable in your country" on several websites I checked). Really fun stuff here, and very distinctly British (and as we all know: there's no music more fun than fun British music! wait... what?). Hard not to enjoy.

The Golden Silvers - Arrows of Eros

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