Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm in Seattle! So... here's a band from the UK!

And by 'band' I mean it's one girl, Laura Groves. And she's awesome.

Groves, performing as 'Blue Roses', makes use of guitar, piano, and her spectacular voice - a pure, girlish soprano that, especially when layered as it is on 'Cover Your Tracks", the second song I'm embedding in this post, floats with magnificent innocence around the organic, almost minimalist accompaniment - to create some really, really amazing music. She says on her MySpace page that she likes "writing songs for instruments I can't play yet and making choirs out of my voice." She does it well. I've embedded the first two tracks from her self-titled debut album.

Blue Roses - Greatest Thoughts

Blue Roses - Cover Your Tracks

In an update from me... I flew out to Seattle today. It was a long trip, but went smoothly. Tomorrow, I'll be looking at apartments, trying to find a place to live for the upcoming year or more. Friday night, I'll (hopefully) be heading over to catch a show by The Katherine Moore Situation - I'll let y'all know how that goes.

Have a great night!

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