Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Show Time

     Hey everyone, Jack here. I wanted to weigh in for a second and remind all the central Floridians that on Friday, the 21st (as in 2 days), My Dayglo Rehab and Two Piece Chicken Dinner will be playing at The Abbey in Deland, Florida. I ran into these guys here downtown a few days ago at the Remembering Woodstock festival and they're pumped. This should prove to be a good show! (Trust me, they always entertain). I've got no music to showcase just yet as I've been way preoccupied preparing for this semester, but Mike is holding us down and Tyce has some on the way. I promise soon I'll have some baller music to jam out to, but for now, check out the My Dayglo Rehab and Two Piece Chicken Dinner Myspace pages for some sweet tunes.
Two Piece Chicken Dinner
My Dayglo Rehab

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