Saturday, August 15, 2009

Horse Feathers! Are Awesome!

So this band I'm talking about today, Horse Feathers, they haven't gotten a lot of hype or airplay... but they really should.


They're freakin' awesome, that's why. They produce intricate melodic arrangements anchored firmly within the folk and jazz traditions they're clearly working from, making use of fresh, surprising harmonies and instruments, and all tied together by lead singer Justin Ringle's throaty, soulful musings, and occasionally enlivened by bright bursts of violin and cello - check out the sudden arrival of the violin at about the 1:00 mark of "Honest Doubters" - it's really quality stuff, and, to me, about as good as you're likely to find anywhere.

So - check out Horse Feathers. I've loaded two of the songs from their "Words are Dead" album... hope you enjoy them!

Hardwood Pews:

Honest Doubters:

In News From My Life (TM), I'm off to Seattle in about a week and a half... time to get ready, start packing, and (hopefully) find an apartment! I'll also be turning 21 shortly after my arrival there... we'll see how that goes. I'm for sure looking forward to experiencing that culture (given that I've lived in the Southeast most of my life) and continuing to find awesome new music!

Have a great day, everyone!

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