Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Geographically Speaking

Alright, I wasn't going to write about these guys but I'm really digging the sound. When one listens to a song for the first time and is already singing along by the end of it, you know that band is worth a listen. 
I honestly don't have a ton of information on the band Geographer, but they hail from San Fransisco and have a great synthy/real percussion sound. The band released a 7" last year and has followed up this year with Animal Shapes: a six song EP that has an awesome sound. I'm really into it. Lead singer Mike Deni has a fantastic voice and uses it to the peak of ability on this album. I'll be really excited if this band gets big - they definitely deserve it. Check out their MySpace and check out the single Kites below.
(Image from music.is-amazing.com/mp3 streamed from strangerdance.com)

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