Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Crate Full of Music

Well hello there everyone and Happy Tuesday. There was a ton of new music to be released today and I'm here to catch you up on some of the highlights; mainly through YouTube videos. Why? Because I'm feeling lazy, yet informative.

Firstly, Lil Jon dropped his first album in 5ish years entitled Crunk Rock. The album has been in development forever and contains an all-star cast in the crunk rock world. The album has been getting mixed reviews so far. It seems like Throw it Up Pt 2 (Remix) may be the single..but I'm not actually sure. Wait, apparently I'm wrong - a song called Ms. Chocolate is the newest single. R Kelly and Mario are a part of the song and I mean, c'mon how can you not love R Kelly. Anyway, Here's the video for Ms. Chocolate, the other song Throw it Up can be heard after the page break (click read more at the bottom).

Man, I could have sworn I updated about the new Against Me! when it leaked a couple months ago but apparently I never did; my mistake. Well, Against Me!'s new album White Crosses is out today and there are some really strong tracks and some not so strong songs. All in all, I like it. The first single for the new album is a retroish sounding catchier, poppy-er song entitled I Was A Teenage Anarchist and I'm pretty sure I pissed off my house by playing this song ultra loud on repeat. In my opinion it's a great song. Here's the video for which, sadly, I think is one of the worst videos I've seen in a long time.

Well, here's a song that's not in a YouTube video. Hot Hot Heat's new album finally has dropped and it's growing on me. It's got a unique new sound but certainly keep the boys old feel. It's an exciting listen and I have a feeling this album Future Breeds is really going to have some influence on the indie genre. Here's the single Goddess on the Prairie that Spin featured last week
Hot Hot Heat - Goddess on the Prairie

Next is The Drums. I haven't properly given The Drums, out of Brooklyn, a very good listen but I've heard a tiny bit and I can't say that I dislike it. The sound is kind of that somewhat popular '80sish synthy pop indie and it's pretty good. The self titled The Drums drops today and here's the video for Forever & Ever Amen off the album

Keeping that New York theme going, good 'ol Ratatat has a new album entitled LP4 out today. Here's the single and cover art
Ratatat - Party With Children
I love birds.

Also, the new Tokyo Police Club is out! I'm super excited for this album and for now just going to post the video for Breakneck Speed, one of the new songs. I think we may have an album review of this one coming..

Tokyo Police Club - Breakneck Speed

TOKYO POLICE CLUB | MySpace Music Videos

ps, MySpace sucks.

That's all for now, more to come this week for sure on the other big new releases. Lil Jon's other video and a little more info after the page jump!

>> For a great list of today's releases check out http://blog.kexp.org/blog/2010/06/08/out-this-week-68/. The two mp3's on my page are linked through their comprehensive list.
>> Deertick and Blitzen Trapper reviews are on their way, get to the edge of your seat boys and girls!

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