Thursday, June 24, 2010

The M's

 So I am exhausted, but that just means it's time that I need to update you on the music I've heard lately. I've been traveling the past four days so I've missed some updating time, but I've got a couple great songs from two of my favorite bands tonight.
First is Mute Math. I love this band. Like, I will go far out of my way to hear this band. I heard this song a couple months ago when the band released a live version of it but didn't post it because I wasn't too into it. I'm still not totally sold on it - they have other way better songs in my opinion - but it's different for them and one song they wrote before most of their music that is currently popular, or even recorded. The band just never found a place for this song to fit. So, without further ado, I give you The Fight by Mute Math. (I don't know how long this song will stay online, if it doesn't I'll get it back, don't fret)

Mute Math - The Fight

Next, another one of my favorite bands. While you may judge me for it a little bit (or a lotta bit), I enjoy Maroon 5 a lot. I admit it. I've been pretty excited to hear what they've been up to since I heard new music was coming and finally caught the single today entitled Misery. Because this is hilarious, I'm going to leave you with a fan video of the song which I really hope the band picks up and runs with.

Finally, though this band doesn't have a name starting with "M", I've been meaning to update about this song for a week or two now. The Constellations are a band out of good 'ol Atlanta, Georgia and have a super catchy single out entitled Felicia. The song has some good humored crude lyrics that I love and this one will definitely get stuck in your head. I immediately thought of the classic Mambo #5 after hearing this one! Plus, I'm always down for a video full of pin-up-esque girls. Definitely. Maybe Katy Perry should work with these guys; just a suggestion. I really hope The Constellations are not a "one-hit wonder", because I think they've got some talent. So embedded from here's their video for Felicia.
Anyway, leave your opinions in the comments! We'd love to hear from you!

Also, let me say I'm very excited to have Corey bringing us the news on Pop and Hip Hop. Also, Our other writers Paul and Tyce should be updating soon. We'll be viable again!

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