Sunday, June 20, 2010

Triple Digits!

First off, let me start by introducing myself; I will be your new Pop/Hip-hop correspondent. I do a lot of driving and haven't had a chance to hook up my iPod (Blackberry) cord in my car. So I listen to a lot of radio. Believe it or not, you can find some decent music through that outlet...rarely, but it happens.

Second, and more importantly, this is our 100th post! Toss confetti, blow your vuvuzelas and kiss your loved ones. Now, on to the important things.

When Jack let me know that he wanted me to start writing for this, I actually felt incredibly privileged. Even though it's still somewhat of a fledgeling blog, Attempts at Hip has quite the decent following. I hope that you followers will enjoy my segments just as much as Jack and Paul's. I had to think a lot about what I would write about for my inaugural post. Travie McCoy has been on the top of my list of artists since his days running Gym Class Heroes. His first solo album, Lazarus, just came out a few weeks ago, along with the official video for the single Billionaire.

Get used to seeing more of him from me. Bruno Mars has also been added to my list of artists to watch. He's already got an EP out, with a studio album rumored to be released sometime later in the year.

Most of you know that before Lil Wayne got shipped off to jail, he made a pretty awful rock album. For some reason, I was going back and listening to a few songs from it recently and came across one that got my attention. This is Knockout with Nicki Minaj.

Mike Posner is one of these rising stars who looks like he might be off to something pretty big, especially at such a young age; he just graduated from Duke University. Most people have heard his song out now called Cooler than Me...if not, here it is.

His first album called 35 Minutes to Takeoff is scheduled to come out on August 3rd. Hopefully some more good songs will come along with it.

Finally, another young upcomer, The Ready Set; a one-man (kid?) project by 20 year old, Jordan Witzigreuter. I actually heard the song Love Like Woe on the way home from work today, and even in a dreary, Florida-5:00-thunderstorm drive, this kinda pepped me up. Some of his other songs didn't quite do it for me, but it's pretty damn good for the most part.

That's all I'll leave you with for tonight, hopefully you'll enjoy my posts as much as the others.

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  1. Freaking awesome post. Very broad selection of songs that really rock. Been wanting some new tunes. Props