Friday, June 18, 2010

A Trend

So Foals new album Total Life Forever is out. I read an article the other day saying that in the past few months a lot of bands have been releasing albums that show how they have "grown up" and among the bands talked about was Foals; and I couldn't agree more. Along with Foals I feel like Cartel's new album could fall into this category and probably Tokyo Police Club as well, though they kept their trademark sound.
Foals has a their second video and single out from Total Life Forever and the track is Miami. I've posted the rather bizarre video below, but then again it is Foals so even though I feel like the video got switched with some Daddy Yankee video, I'm sure it's profound in its own way.

Anyway, when I was in middle school a radio station I used to listen to would do this daily contest where they would link up three songs from random bands, tell you nothing about them and then have you figure out what the connections between the three songs were. Well I won't leave you in the dark about the connection of these three songs that I'm about to post. All of these songs are about Miami; and they're all from very different bands. Apparently there's something special about Miami.

Interesting. Also, GO USA!

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